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Cybersecurity Services

With cyber crime at an all-time high, there is no better time than now to review and update your IT security. Following the NIST Framework, the NCI team advises, designs and executes on the best security practices in today's world. Whether it’s securing your network, protecting your data, or educating your end users, NCI has solutions for every security concern. Network Center, Inc. provides real time protection, monitoring, proactive patching, and infrastructure assessments to make sure you get the right security in place to protect your data.

NIST cyber security framework

Benefits of NCI Cybersecurity Services:

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Secure Network

A secure corporate network provides less opportunity for malicious activity and remote pings from outside attackers.

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Real-Time Protection

Real-time protection against unsafe content reduces the chances of spreading malicious software throughout your network.

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Identify Vulnerabilities

Regular IT assessments help identify vulnerabilities so you can proactively correct them.

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Network Monitoring

Active monitoring of your network can sense intrusions and alert you of unwanted remote access.

End-User Security

Protect end users on and off or your network with end user security products.

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End-User Training

Educate your end user on what is safe/unsafe content to access.

What's included with NCI Cybersecurity Solutions?

An IT security solutions plan is an all encompassing plan to protect your organization. 

A typical security agreement can include:

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Security Risk Assessments

Scan your network to see how at risk you are for attacks while also identifying vulnerabilities and the steps needed to remediate them.

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Remediation Services

We can work with your assessment results to improve your security posture and meet your cybersecurity goals. 


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End-User Security Packages

Our security packages provide end-user protection from viruses, spam, and unsafe web content.

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Proactive Vulnerability Patching

Protect your server and end-user data by proactively applying windows and 3rd party software updates as they are released.

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Constant Vulnerability Scanning

Proactively scans your network and devices monthly for vulnerabilities and provides security and vulnerability test results.

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3rd Party Security Services

Let the experts take care of all your security needs for you with our partner managed security services.

Don't wait to protect your business from cyber threats.
Get started today and protect your data and reputation with cost-effective security measures.

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Security Assessment

S2ORG is a comprehensive, risk-based measurement of information security assigned to your company based on a proven and thorough assessment process.

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Vulnerability Scanning

There’s a new digital threat that targets your technology daily. Waiting for a yearly audit to fix vulnerabilities is a high-risk gamble. Patch vulnerabilities immediately and rest easy.

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Security Package

When you can't seem to stay on top of the latest security tools, let us protect you with one all-encompassing package. After all, you are only as good as your weakest link.

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