Physical Security

Reduce risk posed to your business, and sleep better at night with:

Extensive insight

In the digital age, it's easy to lose sight of physical security. We can help keep tabs on your brick and mortar.

Digital efficiency

Leverage technology to eliminate bulky and manual administrative tasks.

Peace of mind

We'll make sure the right security is in place for your business, so there's no need to stay up counting sheep.


Upgrade your insight

Receive real-time alerts, and manage your video surveillance on any device (via web browser or mobile app). Our solutions give you:

  • Layers of advanced analytics
  • Flexible integrations
  • HD resolution

Built on a trusted, cybersecure platform, our solutions are compliant with global government regulations.

Expedite investigations with an AI-enabled interface: search through hours of footage in minutes.

Future-ready with unlimited scalability and over-the-air updates.

Door access control

Govern locks with the flip of a switch

Whether you’re looking to control access your building entrance, warehouse, or individual office, we offer a simple and secure solution. 

  • With 99.9% unlock reliability, command trouble-free access.
  • Scalability and flexibility — secure up to 2000+ doors.
  • Perform global actions and site-wide lockdowns from any device.


Simplify onboarding and offboarding. Do away with physical locks and keys; no more tracking down, copying or changing.

Capture data on access; who, what time, and what door. Helping you with loss prevention, audit documentation, overall security and more.

Get started

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