Cyber Security

Reduce risk posed to your business, and sleep better at night with:

Peace of mind

Wondering if you have the right cyber security safeguards in place? Rest easy, we're here to help.

Increase uptime

We proactively monitor your environment, limiting ransomware and cyber attacks, so you can keep moving forward.

Secure network

Limit opportunity for malicious activity and remote pings from outside attackers.

Real-time protection

Prevent the spread of malicious software via unsafe content in your environment

See what our team can do for you:

Baseline Security Assessment

Find your security starting point without breaking your budget.

Get a snapshot of your environment’s current security posture with our low-cost, time friendly assessment. Receive actionable results, enabling you to take proactive measures to further safeguard your business.

What's Included:

  • External advanced scan
  • Internal scan (credentialed)
  • CIS general benchmark settings provided
  • A rating of your current environment, with 5 priorities for your organization to focus on
  • Assessment and report review, customer Q&A

S2ORG Assessment

A comprehensive look

Identify your organization’s vulnerabilities, control gaps/dependencies and threats as well as a S2SCORE. Risks are evaluated in four phases:

  1. Administrative controls
  2. Physical controls
  3. Internal technical controls
  4. External technical controls

See how your organization is vulnerable and how you compare to peers in your industry.

Communicate your level of information security risk to interested third-parties (customers, stakeholders, auditors, regulators, and more).

Vulnerability Scanning

Take the stress off your plate.

By scanning your network routinely, you’re alerted of current vulnerabilities so you can address problems immediately. 

Learn about adding vulnerability scanning to your FlexCare.

Assists in making routine audit findings minimal by scanning frequently

Gives you the information to remediate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited

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