Vue Community Credit Union

vue community credit union website homepage

Vue Community Credit Union is a Bismarck-based credit union with world-class service offerings.  Vue's major focus was to be more concise in terms of the content on their site, as their old site was overloaded with content. Part of that focus was to create more awareness to current and prospective customers, by finding a way to do more with less in terms of their messaging. Here are some of the highlights of the project that helped them achieve their goals.

  • Page layouts with intent of highlighting similar services offered. By incorporating a services overview page, they can showcase a range of products and services, instead of isolating each service to it's own page.
  • Utilized various online forms to get connected with customers faster. Whether it's for a credit application or letting Vue know they are traveling, it's easier for customer's to relay important information to Vue. 
  • Integrated with 3rd party applications like calculators and online banking, providing a variety of resources for customers to use from their site.