Managed Services


Here's what our managed services consist of: 

Managed Network and Voice Services
As your business evolves, so do the requirements of providing connectivity to the services needed by your employees and customers. Employees are requiring more mobility and different types of connectivity to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. Customers aren’t only interfacing with your business during the business day, but when it’s convenient for them. With these increased requirements the technology of your organization needs to be accessible at all times. Poor Network performance or down time is not an option.

Network Center’s Managed Network Services can proactively monitor and administer your business’s data and voice connectivity services and resolve any issues that occur. We monitor your network and can work directly with your internet or telecommunications providers to ensure that the entire network infrastructure remains performing at optimum level, allowing you to focus on your core business. With our in-house expertise and leveraging strategic business partnerships, we can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

Managed Desktop Services

Managed Security Services
Security has quickly become one of the top concerns of businesses today. Choosing the right path to navigate in this complex digital world can be overwhelming and time consuming. Even with the budget to buy the latest and greatest technologies, businesses don't always have the knowledge to implement a layered security solution to provide the best protection. As a MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider), our goal is to help provide guidance, deploy and monitor security solutions, or simply supplement your existing team to build a security strategy to protect your organization both today and in the future. 

Fully Outsourced IT
When having an IT staff onsite isn't an option, an all-inclusive plan could be the answer. Network Center, Inc. offers a CompleteCare program to handle all your technology needs with a fixed fee pricing model. This allows you to control costs while not having to worry about any day to day technology concerns. The plan coveres all aspects of your infrastructure, including: support, ​​strategic planning, network monitoring, security, and backups.

We are confident that our team can provide you with a high value plan. Our agreements don't require long-term contracts which allows us to earn your business. 


“Among current users of managed services, 46% of firms have trimmed their annual IT expenditures by 25% or more as a result of their shift to managed services, including 13% that have slashed annual IT expenditures by 50% or more on the IT functions they have given over to a MSP.” 

- CompTIA, Trends in Managed Services Study