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Network Center, Inc.


July 30, 2021

IT services provider

There were a lot of great things about 1986. The founding of Pixar, “Top Gun,” Halley’s Comet made its first appearance in 76 years, one of the first commercial laptops was put on the market (followed by the first computer virus), and finally… Network Center, Inc. opened its doors as an IT services provider. 

Network Center Inc. – 35 Years in Business

July, 2021 marks NCI’s 35th birthday. What started as a three-person operation has grown to become one of the largest technology solutions providers in the Upper-Midwest. From its humble 1986 office space, (a garage) to four locations in two states by 2021. In 2014, NCI became an ESOP and today, 90+ employee-owners move NCI forward with a shared set of values…Dedication to Customer Success, Commitment to Employees, and Responsible Innovation. 

The Old Days

In the early days of NCI, the focus was on hardware such as PCs, firewalls, servers, and printers. In 1991 the world wide web became publicly available, and everything changed. Now, hardware has become secondary as cloud solutions and virtualization become more pervasive. NCI’s ability to adapt its focus towards creative solutions as opposed to pushing product has been the driving force behind its success.  

The Future

Over the past 35 years, technology has advanced drastically and with lighting speed, forever changing the way we live, communicate, and do business. Today, almost everything is somehow captured by technology, which calls for increasingly more proactive cybersecurity measures.  Advancements in technology such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and machine learning will continue to change the way we live and work. The future of technology shows no signs of slowing, and neither does Network Center, Inc.  

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