Town & Country Credit Union

town and country credit union website homepage

In 1939, Town & Country Credit Union was founded by a group of locals who pooled their resources in hopes of being able to provide depositors with a higher return on their savings and borrowers access to loans at lower rates. Throughout the credit union's history they have grown and expanded their services to continue fulfilling the goals of their members. Their website project reflected their drive to stay progressive and provide excellent service to their members.

  • A simplified homepage with one major goal - help members navigate the site with ease to get the information they need with only a couple clicks.
  • Online loan application with a behind the scenes workflow to enable them to track and process loan requests faster than before.
  • Reporting features that give them the ability to understand the data they are receiving from the members via form submissions.
  • Education and news/events sections of the site that help their marketing team stay engaged with their members. It's simple for their marketing team to publish new material, meaning their members can reliably lean on them for current information