Business Intelligence / Data Analytics

Technology, software and data have become embedded in every function of business.  Now that you have the technology in place to tackle your markets, what do you do with all the data points?  How can you be more effective at serving your customers?  How can you leverage key buying techniques? How can you improve your productivity, drive efficiency and improve quality? 

A Business Intelligence solution can help you analyze all the intertwined facets of your business, see correlations and make sound decisions to improve your bottom line. Network Center, Inc. has experience building sound data models and analytic solutions that drive real change in organizations.  Whether you are in manufacturing or the service industry, we can help you make better decisions based on the data you already have.

“What gets measured, gets managed” - Peter Drucker

 A Business Intelligence Solution Provides: 

  • Simplified Reporting  
    Combine multiple reports and datasets into one easy-to-use solution such as Microsoft Excel. 
  • Increased Efficiency 
    Get the critical information as soon as it is captured. No need to wait until end of day, month end, or year end to run reports. Leverage the information to make more timely decisions. 
  • Self Service Reporting 
    Once the solution is deployed, each user can modify the reports as they see fit. Adding fields, removing data points, and changing sorts and filters are common with a business intelligence tool. Now you’re leveraging your entire staff! Empower your employees while reducing admin time.
  • Increased Profitability 
    Timely, accurate, and relative information available to your decision makers will drive increased profitability for your organization. 

Custom Microsoft Excel Dashboard