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With the ever-changing competitive landscape in the healthcare industry, creating a top-notch patient experience is vital to your organization’s future. The NCI Health Solutions team at Network Center, Inc. (NCI) provides solutions to our customers to help them stay ahead in their patient experience.

Whether you’re looking to streamline your scheduling, secure your healthcare facility or track challenges, our partnership with you enables solutions that achieve your goals in highly competitive markets. Let us help you get the solutions you need.



Our Healthcare Suite of Services:

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Application Development

NCI has numerous application development solutions to enable you to connect with your patients, control costs and drive efficiencies. Our team has extensive technical abilities and years of development experience that can help transform your business with customized solutions.

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Data Analytics

Accurate, real-time data is a crucial part for running at maximum efficiency. We’ll build sound data models, based on information you already have, to drive positive change in your organization.

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Real Time Location Services

Healthcare facilities looking to keep better track of assets and control spend, monitor temperature of vaccines and other medicines, or understanding staff and patient interaction can better meet their goals with RTLS.

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Security & Compliance

Whether its new government regulations, massive cybersecurity threats, or expired infrastructure, we know what it takes to protect your organization. NCI can help with specific tasks or projects and help you put together a cost-effect security and compliance plan.

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Strategic Consulting

NCI is very fortunate to have an established group of highly experienced strategic consultants. Since most organizations cannot support having these specific skills on staff, allow us to help define, analyze, plan and execute on all types of initiatives.