Why Drupal Checks Our Boxes for Website Development

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Joe Dunnigan, Network Center, Inc.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is the digital content management framework for millions of websites and applications. Chances are, plenty of your favorite websites are developed through Drupal – including the sites our team builds at NCI.

Read on to discover why we choose this platform over its competitors.


What are the benefits of Drupal?

  • Flexibility
  • Security
  • Cost

Drupal is developed with collaboration and innovation in mind. This framework makes it easy to create versatile content for all types of websites, meaning that we can adapt our process depending on the client’s unique industry and needs.

Although Drupal is perceived as more intricate than its competitor, WordPress, the platform’s complexity allows for more advanced capabilities. (Plus, the hard stuff is left with our team of web developers.)

In 2018, North Dakota moved 26 agencies to Drupal and saved over $500,000. They found many benefits from switching to Drupal, including the ability to use a common code base. This decision improved user experience because each agency website now has a consistent branding appearance.

Drupal also made it simpler for North Dakota’s IT Department to make sense of data.

“Ultimately, the idea is to provide a consolidated experience shaped by data,” North Dakota CIO Shawn Riley said. We find this to be the case with many of our clients, too. Data matters, and Drupal makes it easier to access.


Why do we use it?

We choose Drupal because it’s such a flexible and extensible application framework, with a vibrant community of worldwide developers and a wide range of applications. Drupal allows us to prototype new solutions and get up and running quickly on new projects. It provides a fantastic feature set out of the box and a great developer experience for when we need to customize and add our own feature sets.


Website Development & Hosting with NCI

We understand that websites are a vital part of your organization’s ability to connect with users. Because today’s consumers depend on online resources, having a website that's easy to use and mobile friendly is crucial.

A website is an extension of your business, so we encourage you to embrace what it can do. Unique features can provide value to your audience.


I’m interested in a new website. Where do I start?

We start each website conversation by finding out about your business: What do you need? How does this website need to work for you?

We will provide insight as to what a new site can do for you, only once we know how your organization ticks.

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