How Drupal Assists With More Than Website Development

custom application planning
Andrew McKenzie, Network Center, Inc.

In our November blog, we shared insights into Drupal’s content management capabilities. Even though Drupal is most used as a website development platform, we also leverage it for a wide range of projects.

Not quite sure what Drupal is? Drupal is an extremely flexible and secure open-sourced software  that provides a seemingly endless ceiling of what it can achieve, all without the hefty licensing costs associated with other applications customers often use. Here are just some of the projects our team is building on Drupal:

  • Custom websites
  • E-commerce sites
  • Data and document management
  • Web-based custom applications

Here are additional benefits we see when using Drupal to solve our customers’ demands.


Web-based platform

The trend of utilizing cloud-based technology continues to climb year after year. Internet speeds offered by internet service providers (ISPs) continue to increase in speed and decrease in cost, making high speed internet more accessible than ever.

This availability, reliability and ease of use for cloud-based applications has allowed vendors to capitalize on this increase in internet offerings to offer solutions for companies, modernizing how they do business.



Each customer has specific needs, but the trends are essentially the same: easy access to a platform that provides smarter, more accurate and timely data. The overall goal is to capture more information, spend less time gathering/interpreting it and make the best business decisions possible based on real-time data.

A web-based platform offers the ability for field workers to gather data from a phone, tablet or laptop. It means office workers get the data instantly from the field. Companies can keep their business moving along as things change, not just at the end of a day when someone makes it back to their desk.


How do you know if this is something to consider?

Here are some potential identifiers to explore a custom-built application or tool:

  • Your current application(s) are outdated/unsupported, too expensive, feature poor or difficult to manage.
  • You use multiple applications that don’t integrate with each other and would benefit from having a single application.
  • Your current application is on a local server and difficult to utilize from outside the office.
  • You’ve been exploring a prebuilt/off-the-shelf application but it doesn’t exist, you can’t customize it or it is too expensive.


Where to start with Drupal

We start each development project conversation by finding out about your business and your goals. What is the driving force behind the discussion? What are your goals/obstacles? What does it need to do that your current setup doesn’t offer?

We will provide insight as to what options may exist and if custom development might be a good fit for your organization, but we’ll want to understand your business first.

Interested in learning more? Our team is ready to talk. Contact us today.