5 Reasons to Use Project Management

project management image
Tracy Sanger; Network Center, Inc.

For organizations that have embraced project management, it quickly becomes apparent how critical a driver project management is in helping your organization achieve success. Here are Five Reasons to use Project Management.

Meet your business goals and objectives
Businesses can leverage Project Management to help their organization meet their goals and objectives by ensuring the success of each project.  When developing your business goals and objective, be sure to create a planned program.  Planned programs will help organize your projects into phases for completion.  Phases are often times based on dependencies.  Having one phase complete successfully before the next one starts can be critical to the success of rolling out a new business plan.  When your projects are part of a planned program, you will avoid wasting time and money by reporting budget and timelines to the stakeholders.

Deliver projects on time
The key to ensuring projects are completed on time rests in the monitoring and controlling of the project timeline for the entire life of the project.  During the planning phase of a project, the project team works together to create a work break down structure and estimates how long it will take to complete each task.  The project manager will assist in scheduling resources to complete the tasks and will monitor if there is any slippage throughout the life of the project.  If slippage occurs, there are several options to get the project back on schedule.

Delivery projects within budget
During the planning phases of the project, the project team will work together to estimate all the costs associated with the project.  The project manager will monitor the budget throughout the life of the project, and implement any corrective action needed to deliver within budget.

Increased customer satisfaction
When you are delivering what your clients are expecting and doing it on time and within budget, you on the path towards happier customers!

Save money
A common metric in the world of project management, is for every minute you spending planning, you will save 10 minutes in either implementation or post implementation support of a project.  Of course you must use common sense with this metric, but we all know that time is money.