Baker Nursery Website

baker nursery website screenshot

Baker Nursery is a top garden center in the FM area. Whether you are looking to wow your neighbors with your gardens or looking for that perfect gift for an upcoming event, Baker Nursery is a one-stop shop. To show the region what they had to offer, a revamped website was a tool to not only create more visibility to all they can offer, but make the plant shopping experience more friendly for their customers. Baker had a variety of needs when it came to updating their website. A new design was a top priority, but there were a couple other major upgrades.  

  • Digital plant catalog. The project created a digital version of their plant catalog to provide a visual and informative understanding of the options available.
  • Secondly, the website provide a more fluid user experience. Customers can now request a proposal for landscape services online with mobile friendly applications, that allow for uploading pictures and in turn, more accurate proposals.
  • Hopeful employees can also now enjoy an easy to submit online application for open positions at Baker as well.
  • They integrated with Instagram and Eventbrite to have a single source of what Baker is up to and customer's can see new product releases or upcoming events.